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Wedding Dances

Make your Wedding Unforgettable!

Here at Ballroom Hub we understand the importance of your wedding day and your first dance together as man & wife.


These magical moments will be remembered and treasured for the rest of your life!


  • We want to help you in your journey! We will help you perform the most memorable first dance at your wedding.

  • Choose the song that has meaning for you both or that you just Love!

  • We will help you choose the package that suits you best!


Our prices and packages are:

30 Minute Consultation - $25

Consider this if you are unsure what you want will include discussion of your vision and  basic dance steps.


Single Lesson - $110  (45 mins)

To brush up and review steps.


Package of 5 - $499

Great Introductory package. This will teach you basic steps and some spins etc.  Includes 5x45 min sessions of Wedding Dance Lessons + 30 min consultation.

Good if you are not looking for a choreographed dance, running out of time but want to feel comfortable dancing to music.


Package of 10 - $950

10x45min sessions of Wedding Dance Lessons.

Good if your looking for a simple choreographed dance routine to impress family and friends who will be pleased you spent some time together to learn some fun moves.


Package of 20 - $1800

20x45min sessions of Wedding Dance Lessons.

Good if you have a mix of songs and want to dance 2mins + time. You would like your dance routine to look individual and original.


Package of 30 – $2500

30x45 min sessions of Wedding Dance lessons.

Good if you want to stand out with a full out routine to be proud of and impress the family and friends.

Need to have time in advance of the Wedding to put in.

Want to do the best performance you can.

You want to actually learn how to dance and have a strong foundation.

Schedule your Wedding Dance consultation
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